Watch for our Kickstarter and Indigogo Campaigns coming in April 2015.

These campaigns will be a great place to get your SnapNSave System before it’s available in stores or online and at a lower-than-retail price.

Please support us by pledging in one or both of the campaigns.

When they go live we’ll post links here.

Explanation of Crowdfunding

This will not be a comprehensive explanation; you can find that with a search.

Basically, it’s simple.  Crowdfunding is a way to put an invention, service or idea in front of many people – possibly world-wide.  This can accomplish several interesting marketing goals for a budding enterprise:

  • a way to test the market to see how much interest might exist
  • an initial offering of a product at an attractive price
  • a great way to raise initial capital without diluting ownership in a company

Crowdfunding is relatively new, coming to the forefront only in the past several years.

We will be using one or more Crowdfunding Platforms to do an initial product launch.  We hope you will participate, support us and have some fun with it!